Saturday, 24 January 2015

It's Magic

Decided it was way too cold to take the Tiger out, as well as the indicators not working (although I have the doors off so I can use hand signals) and had all the electrics exposed ready for the replacement flasher unit arriving.  So got into the Volvo and nothing but clicks, battery flat !!

So off I went, and used hand signals for the first 2 turns then at the first roundabout force of habit made me select the indicator.  And it worked perfectly :-) I can only assume the flasher unit has dried out, but I had put it onto a warm radiator for 2 hours 2 days ago and it hadn't worked, but 24 hrs in a freezing cold garage and it is OK.  Go figure !!   At least I will have a spare flasher unit 

Also came in useful to check battery and alternator.   And as you can see they are both bang on specification, 12.5 V with just the battery and 14.0V when alternator working.   And it only dropped to 13.7V when I put the headlights on, again as per specification.

Before Start                                                      After Start

So just the reversing lights to fix now.

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