Sunday, 18 January 2015

Aftermath of the Long Journey

Although it was a fun journey to Bedford it did upset the car a bit.

When I checked this morning I found that:

1.  The nearside fog light unit mounting bracket had broken and the light had fallen off and was hanging by the wire.
2.  The brake lights were going on when the clutch was pressed.
3.  The indicators were not working.
4.  The reversing lights were not working.

Remounted the fog light by removing the mounting bracket, drilling a hole in the plastic back of the light and using the same hole in the panel to bolt it direct to the body.  I think the new direct version looks better, flush with the body and much more sturdy.  Might redo the offside one to match.

Found that pushing the clutch in was slightly rotating the bar that holds the brake and throttle pedals. So a spray of WD40 and a minor adjustment of my new brake light switch and that was fixed.

Indicator almost certainly a failed flasher unit as when I took it out of the plastic bag I had put it on before it was soaking wet with condensation. And the hazards work so the fundamental circuitry and bulbs are fine. New one on order.

The reversing light is frustrating. The fuse is OK and neither light is working so I think I may have disturbed the switch on the gearbox when I was rooting around the fuel pipes to see if there was a leak. Can't see anything by looking down through tunnel opening. I think I will have to get her up on ramps to look from underneath. Not a showstopper as I can always remove the lights and put blanking plugs in for the MOT. They are not a requirement but must be working if fitted. Most 2Bs don't have them fitted.

Lots to keep me busy, but car still drivable on the road so I don't have to stay housebound.

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