Thursday, 6 August 2020

Present Status

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If you are interested in the full story I suggest you read this post from July 2013 first for the back story : The Beginning of my Journey and then work through the rest of the Archive on the panel to the right.

Current Visitors :    Latest Post:  MOT Time

Scarcity of postings simply means that nothing has needed to be done to the car.  I am still using her most weeks, depending on the weather.   She is running beautifully.

Tasks Completed
1.    Initial Cosmetic Fixes
2.    Clutch Cable replaced
3.    Front Ride Height increased
4.    Sump Guard fitted
5.    Wheel Alignment checked
6.    Steering Bushes replaced
7.    The Boot (Trunk) redesigned
8.    Battery Isolation Switch fitted
9.    Brake Light Switch replaced
10.  Auxiliary Electrical Panel fitted
11.  Engine/Chassis Earth Strap fitted
12.  Fuel Filler Pipe replaced
13.  Exhaust Pipe fixed

14.  Replace Front Number Plate after crash
15.  Repair the Offside Front Wing after crash
16.  Fit Tension Spring to Clutch
17.  Fit new Front Wing
18.  Fit a new Thermostat and Cooling Fan Switch
19.  Grease Propshaft CV Joints
20.  New Rear View Mirror fitted 
21.  Steering Rack checked 
22.  Oil leak in Sump reduced
23.  A Better Rear View Mirror Fitted  
24.  Additional Flasher Light and Bigger Buzzer fitted 
25.  Elastic Band added to Fuel Filler cap to make a better seal 
26.  Rear Exhaust Mounting changed to a Rubber Mounting 
27.  Wind Deflectors Fitted
28.  New, Longer, Mud Flap fitted  (Second attempt)
29.  Exhaust Heat Shield Renovated   
30.  Doors made Folding for Storage behind Seats
31.  Reversing Lights Fixed
32.  Handbrake Guard Fitted   
33.  Reversing Sensors Fitted
34.  Reversing Switch Power feed changed to Ignition Live  
35.  Matching Nearside Front Wing and Mudflap fitted 
36.  Fog lights mounted direct to car body
37.  Handbrake adjusted  
38.  Fitted Aluminium Treadplates to Footwell Floors
39.  Catalytic Converter replaced  
40.  Petrol Smell identified and pipe replaced
41.  A Ram-Air Cooling System fitted to Starter Motor
42.  Tested the Exhaust with one outlet blocked
43.  New Luggage Rack Fitted  
44.  Fitted a new Grill
45.  Fitted a new Thermostat Gasket
46.  Fitted a new Serpentine Belt
47.  Replace Bushes on Bottom of Rear Shock Absorbers.  
48.  Raise Rear Ride Height 
49.  Engine Cover Fitted
50.  Fit Daylight Running Lights
51.  Rewired Front Indicators  
52.  Fitted Brake Light Monitor
53.  Fitted LED Voltmeter and USB Charging Point  
54.  New Battery Fitted
55.  Redesigned Heat Shield Mounting
56.  Fitted more Running Lights 
57.  Built ECU Diagnostic Interface Cable
58.  Painted Rear Drums
59.  Fitted Handbrake Warning Light
60.  Fitted Longer Wind Deflectors
70.  Fitted new Exhaust System and Lambda Sensor  
71.  Fitted Flexible Joint in Exhaust System
72.  Fitted Seat Belt Extension to Driver Seat
73.  Changed the Idle Speed from 1000 rpm to 850 rpm 
74.  Replaced Coolant Temperature Sensor 
75.  Partially blocked off Intake Grid    
76.  Fitted a Grid Guard
77.  Fitted Bonnet Louvers
78.  Fitted New Larger Wiper Blade (10")
79.  Fitted New Air Filter
80.  Fitted Tyre Pressure Gauges  
81.  Fitted New Tyres all round
82.  Removed Top Coolant Pipe
83.  Redesigned Rear Number Plate 
84.  Fitted Third (High-Level) Brake Light
85.  Fitted LED Rear Light Cluster to test
86.  Fitted Proper Thermostatic Fan Switch 
87.  Replacement Windscreen Washer Bottle fitted  
88.  Built-In Battery Charger fitted
89.  Cargo Net fitted to Passenger Footwell  
90.  New Spark Plugs fitted
91.  Fitted Power Steering Reservoir  
92.  Redesigned Dashboard 
         Phase 1 - Warning Lights and 12V Supply
         Phase 2 - Provide Access to Electrical Panel with New Cover
         Phase 3 - Fit matching Driver side Cover
         Phase 4 - Fit matching covers to Transmission Cover
         Phase 5 - Fit improved Warning Light Panel
         Phase 6 - Fit matching Centre Panel  
93.   Revised the Interior to match the Dashboard
94.   Fitted combined Oil Pressure Switch/sensor and new Switch  
95.   Added a Leg Pad
96.   Rewired Lambda Sensor  
97.   Fitted Reversing Assist Camera
98.   Fitted New Exhaust Shield  
99.   Fitted Replacement Speedo Cable
100. Fitted new Radiator
101. Repaired Nose Cone  
102. Fitted a New Nose Cone
103. Fitted a new Sump and Sump Guard  
104. Replaced cheap Oil Pressure Gauge with a Mechanical One
105. New Gear Change Knob  
106. New Sump Guard fitted
107. Carried out a Corner Weighting - Perfect 50% each way. 

Tasks In Progress
Electrical System

     Phase 1 -  Identify Relays     (Partially completed)

Status: Just need to track down the ECU Relay.  I can hear it clicking behind dash and instrument cluster.

     Phase 2 -  Identify Fuses       (Partially completed)

Status: Just need to identify 3 fuses

     Phase 3 -  Identify Services   (Partially completed) 
     Phase 4 -  Fit Battery Isolation Switch   (Complete)
     Phase 5 -  Fit Auxiliary Panel                 (Complete)
     Phase 6 -  Wire in Camera and SatNav   (Complete)

Tasks Still Outstanding 

1.  Redesign Cooling System
2.  Get Speedometer working

MOT Time

It was that time of year again.   I had checked the car over and all the obvious stuff was OK, lights all worked, brakes looked good.....  However, the usual spectre of the emissions test loomed over it, although I repeated the procedure from last year in that I ran a bottle of injector cleaner through the system and then did a reasonably long run staying in 3rd gear to get the RPM up to 4-5000 rpm.   Also there were the advisories for last year regarding the wishbone bushes.

So put her in with some trepidation.   Result:  A clear pass with no advisories 😅

Not bad for a 13 yr old car, particularly as she took 5 years to build so is actually 18 yrs old, and the engine and transmission date from 1995, 25 years ago.

Friday, 31 July 2020

Breakdown Number Three

Nice day today as 6 of us met up at Foxton Locks for a picnic.  Lovely drive, didn't touch a single A Road, all country lanes.  It was a comfortable 1:05 hr each way (40 miles) and great weather. 
I think I had been through the locks in a boat but had never wandered round.  

Unfortunately while I was driving there I had breakdown number 3  (First was when the water hose blew off the pipe and the second was when I holed the sump.   Still not bad for 7 years of driving).   I was just coming out of Oakham when I found I couldn't change gear easily.   It got worse until suddenly the clutch pedal just dropped to the floor.   As luck would have it I was passing a housing estate and just inside was a row of garages with plenty of tarmac in front,  So I stopped there to check.   I has assumed the clutch cable had snapped, a regular occurrence on these cars.   But I was wrong.   Some of you might remember I modified the clutch cable/pedal a few months after I bought the car.    The diagram shows what I did.

The original fit is the top diagram and you can see the clutch cable is bent so has a lot of strain put on it,  So I used a couple of pieces of stainless steel to make a joint that allowed the cable to be perfectly aligned.  

And this is what I saw when I took the top of the pedal box off:

After 7 years of constant flexing the stainless steel had given up and parted in the middle.   Luckily the fix was fairly easy, I just removed all the bits and bolted the cable directly to the pedal as it used to be when I bought the car.   Total time was 30 mins.  I had been running 20 mins ahead of schedule so was actually only 10 mins late at the locks.

So I can keep my 100% record of never calling the rescue services to get me home, and I didn't have to use the spare clutch cable I always keep in the boot. :-)

I will rebuild it tomorrow but use thicker steel, even though the normal steel lasted 7 years.

Monday, 15 June 2020

Drinks Holder

I have got into the habit of carrying a bottle of water around.  Up to now it has just been left in the passenger seat.   Not any more.😆