Sunday, 18 November 2018

Tyre Pressures

Also re-learnt another lesson this week    When I fitted the new sump I decided to wind up the front suspension another couple of turns to improve the ground clearance.  Have to be careful of doing it too much or the suspension will become coil-bound (i.e. the coil will totally close up and possibly bend the wishbone if you hit a bump).   Took her out for a ride and realised there was something wrong as she was wallowing a bit, the steering was a bit vague and generally didn't feel right.  
Luckily, before changing anything I remembered I hadn't checked the tyre pressures for a couple of years so although they looked OK I checked them.  Turned out they varied between 12psi and 15 psi !!    So blew them all up to 18psi.   Took her to Grantham Hospital for my catheter change and she was transformed.   Steering absolutely solid, handling improved and generally a vast improvement all round.  I'd better start checking them more regularly    Trouble is, unlike a normal car when you can see the tyres a looking a bit squashy, the Tiger is so light the tyres always look OK.

Off on holiday now so no more driving till mid-Dec.

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