Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Longest Journey Yet

A cracking 2 days.  No technical work, just a long drive.

Drove her to my brother in Prestwood via : Oakham to drop off a crash helmet, Wollaston to see the grandchildren (they were at school), North Marston to allow the previous owner to get reaquainted with her then Prestwood.

Stayed overnight and took her to the local pub,

Then back via Costco at Milton Keynes (forgot my card), the grandchildren again (saw them this time) and home. 

Total distance covered 250 miles, with 90% of it on small country roads.   She behaved impeccably, all that went wrong was a bolt fell out of the windscreen wiper, easily fixed with a paper clip.

On the downside it was a bit chilly and the wind was terrible.  Even blew of my beanie hat that was pulled down right to my neck.  Had to stop and walk back 300 yds to pick it up.

Lovely time.

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