Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Rear view Mirror - revisited

When I lost the original rearview mirror I am convinced I looked absolutely everywhere in the car to find it.   But recently, whilst helping someone strap into the passenger seat I saw it had slipped down into the small gap between the seat and the bodywork.

So I put it back on the windscreen, intending to remove the new extending one.   

But when I took it for a ride I actually found it was quite useful.  The original one is very solid and does not vibrate but has the drawback that it is very wide-angle.  So you only see another car when they are right behind you.  The other mirror is has a narrow field-of-view so you can see individual cars from some distance away.

So it makes sense to keep both, although I keep having to explain the reason to interested onloookers.

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