Monday, 29 April 2019

Stilton Cheese Run

Nice day yesterday on my 6th annual Stilton Cheese run.   While it stayed overcast the rain held off so it was near perfect driving weather.   So my record of laying on good weather remains intact (Incredibly I have only failed once in 6 years and that was the Stamford Show about 3 years ago).    

Including the journey to the start at Uppingham and the journey back from the end at Stilton, I covered 125 miles.   Tiger performed almost perfectly and I like the new taller gear change, it made it much easier to change when in 1st/2nd. 

It was a bit chilly but once the engine was up to temperature a quick run of the fan every so often kept me nice and warm.   I'm still not sure about formation runs, which I don't really enjoy any more, but this one is definitely one of the better ones as the couple who do the lead are very sensible, keeping the speed down and slowing/stopping after traffic lights until everyone has caught up.  

But being at the back I still found I had to do quite a bit of stop/start & slow running and the Tiger does NOT like running below 10 mph, she vibrates, kangaroos and rattles so much I can hear it even though I had my hearing aids disabled.   I think I better have her up on axle stands before the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show next weekend and make sure nothing has worked loose.  

She is also beginning to be much more lively on poor roads so I have to hang on the steering wheel for grim death as we bounce all over the place.   On the other hand, although it was a bit boring, the 25 mile run back up the A1 was very pleasant, a steady 60 mph and she was very stable.   I have a complete set of brand new shock absorbers and springs  sitting in the attic and I am wondering whether I should replace them all.

This year they must have upped the numbers as there were way more than 300 cars.  I have never seen it so busy and parking at Uppingham before the start was a nightmare.  The Club came with 15 cars in total, although only 11 of them were Hoods, the others were just normal cars (although 3 were sports cars so I guess they can be forgiven).   

Here is a picture of the 15 of us during a stop for a photo.  You won't see me as I was right at the back.

And here's a picture of the 2 Superspecs at the midpoint of the run when we park up for lunch. The yellow one is owned by a chap called Ivan who hails from Warrington.  I like parking next to him as his car is also a bit scruffy and 'lived in'

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